Applying Mouse Biology to Reveal New Insights into Mechanisms of Metabolic Disease

The mission of the Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Center at UC Davis (MMPC@UCDavis) is to advance medical and biological research by providing the scientific community with standardized, high quality metabolic and physiologic phenotyping tests, services, and procedures for mouse models of diabetes, diabetic complications, obesity and related disorders.Through its affiliation with the UC Davis Mouse Biology Program, the MMPC@UCDavis has available thousands of mutant mouse models available for research. If a particular mutant mouse model is not available from our repositories, the Mouse Biology Program can generate one de novo and enroll it for metabolic phenotyping in the MMPC@UC Davis.

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phone: 530-752-MMPC

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International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium

Our Goals:

  • Broaden the scope of metabolic phenotyping tests for mice available to investigators.
  • Standardize key methodologies.
  • Expedite the completion of research.
  • Compile a database of information relevant to mouse models of diabetes, obesity, and diabetic complication

News & Events

IMPC: The Function of Human Genetic Variation Download International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium strategy for 2021-2030 in PDF.

October 31st - November 2nd 2017 Obesity Week Conference, Washington DC Come and visit the MMPC Booth and learn more about the services offered through MMPC.

October 31st - November 2nd 2017 Obesity Week Conference, Washington DC Come and visit the MMPC Booth and learn more about the services offered through MMPC.

October 5-6, 2017 Free Precision Medicine Workshop, Washington DC Registration now open: Advancing Disease Modeling in Animal-Based Research in Support of Precision Medicine.

October, 2016 Are you interested in a particular gene? See the phenotypes for thousands of gene knockouts. Click here for more information on IMPC.

Novemeber 9, 2016 (10am - 11:30) Guest Lecture on 'Integrating targeted metabolomics with genome-wide association studies to identify novel genes for cardiovascular disease.'

January 22, 2015 NIH West Coast Metabolomics Center at UC Davis (WCMC) requests pilot project applications

November 6 - 9, 2013 UC Davis will be hosting this year's annual meeting including a pre-meeting symposium on Using Mouse Models to Understand Obesity and Diabetes and a post-meeting Imaging Symposium.

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As an academic institution, we receive NIH support to partially fund our MMPC. In order to maintain the highest quality service that you have come to expect, we will be increasing some of our recharge rates beginning November 15th, 2017. Any ongoing services initiated prior to the 15th will retain the original quoted rate. All services initiated after November 15th will be charged the new rate. These new rates ensure that we are able to fully-recover operational costs not funded by the NIH. Off campus non-profit users, and for-profit entities will see slightly higher rates to recover costs not supported by the NIH. If you would like to know what the new rate will be for a service please let us know. Otherwise these will post to the MMPC website on November 15th, 2017.